How to declutter your room for kids

If you have kids, you’ll be more than familiar with the phrase “looks like a bomb’s hit it”.

Decluttering your kid’s room is something that most parents dread. You’d probably rather shut the door and pretend the mess is non-existent, right? Unfortunately, it’s one of those jobs you’ll need to tackle head-on.

Mess, dresser with scattered clothes, shoes and other things

But there’s no need for this chore to fill you with dread. I’ve got some great tips that will make the job of decluttering your kid’s room a lot less painful. 

From how to get started to getting the kids involved in the task too, read on and follow these tips to create a clean, tidy, and relaxing oasis.

How do I start decluttering?

So you’ve finally persuaded yourself to venture into the room and the sight that greets you makes you want to cry. Sound familiar? 

There’s no way around it, children’s rooms get extremely messy, and it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. 

What do you get rid of? What do you do with all of the resulting rubbish? I used to get rid of large and bulky items, which proved to be incredibly convenient! 

Follow my useful tips to make the decluttering process even easier and less painful!

Start in one corner

I know that staring at the mountains of clothes, piles of unused toys, and overflowing storage boxes can bring you out in a cold sweat. But the key is, don’t try and take it all on at once. That’s enough to drive anyone mad!

Break it down and focus on one corner or section at a time. This makes the process a lot more simple. Even if you do just one section a day, it’ll give you a real sense of achievement, and you’ll feel like you’re getting somewhere.

Trying to tackle the whole room at once is a recipe for disaster, you’ll get overwhelmed and you’re more likely to quit! Just remember, bitesize chunks will get the job done better.


Declutter regularly 

Keeping on top of the mess will save your sanity! Rather than doing one major clean every month, do small touch-ups every week so it doesn’t build up.

It may seem like too much work, but it will pay off in the end! No more soul-sucking decluttering sessions where you feel like throwing the whole room’s contents in the trash!

If you’re too busy to keep hauling the trash to the dumpster, (#momlife!) hiring the services of a junk removal company will save you a lot of time and stress!

If you’re in the Houston area and you need more information about junk removal, I found lots more here that you may find super useful.


Create categories

A good way to kick off your decluttering mission is by sorting things into categories. Books, clothes, games, and shoes are good places to start. Just as before, take it one category at a time. 

Go through each item and decide if it’s worthy of keeping. The broken superhero toy with no limbs is probably destined for the garbage! Be strict with yourself and decide if each item has been outgrown or not.

Put any items that make the cut into a pile and keep to one side for now. Any other broken items can go straight in the trash. 

Anything that’s outgrown but still in good condition, can be donated to a charity shop. There’s another little girl or boy out there that would love it, so it would be a shame to throw it away.

Once you’ve weeded out the broken and outgrown stuff, organize the “keep” pile and put them away in their appropriate homes. Then simply do the same for the other categories. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you get through them!

Get the kids involved too

You may think that involving the kids in tidying and clearing the room will be a battle of wills, but in reality, children love joining in with things. 

They enjoy being given a job to do, and if it involves their toys and belongings then they’re even more likely to get excited about it.

It also gives them a sense of responsibility, which is something that should be encouraged from a young age. It’ll only serve to help them later on in life. 

Bear in mind though, that kids do have short attention spans. They will get distracted by that shiny toy or game!