Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls


1 year old girls can be difficult to buy presents for. Their first birthday is an important milestone and deserves to be celebrated with a present every bit as special as the little princess herself. With so many different toys and gifts on offer, it can be overwhelming to make the choice. Our helpful guide of the best gift ideas for 1 year old girls is the perfect solution and will prove to be a much loved favourite with both kids and parents.

What are Good Types of Gifts that are Best for 1 Year Old Girls?

By her first birthday, your little baby girl is well on her way transforming into a happy, smiling toddler full of energy and always on the go. It is an exciting milestone especially as around this time she will be taking her first steps and starting to talk.

Childhood experts recommend that the best types of toys for children at this age are those that will help encourage her development and encourage her exploratory nature. Safe, sturdy and affordable toys and gifts are ideal. But they must also be fun and will be certain to entertain her for hours.

Our choices of brilliant gifts also take into account that good types of toys are those that grow with the child as they grow so that they have unlimited potential for play and will become firm family favorites for this important next stage.


Top Toys & Gift Ideas for 1 Year Olds Girls

1. Avenor Baby Balance Bike

Perfect for the toddler on the move! With its lightweight body, sturdy construction and easy to assemble, this Pre Balance bike is an excellent choice for 6 – 36 months toddlers. Pre Balance bikes are designed for toddlers who are too small to ride proper balance bikes, and the combination of safety measures (including the Eva foam handle bar grip and the carefully constructed height designed seat) will keep your special little one safe as she starts to explore.

This pretty pink bike has proven to be a popular choice with parents keen to develop a healthy routine for their child while boosting their cycling skills and encouraging their independence. Parents also adored the bike’s size which is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

this is an image of a pink baby balance bike


2. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

Every little girl should have a tea set. The LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party, designed especially for preschool children includes 10 – pieces including 2 teacups, 6 brightly coloured cake pieces and a cake plate. There is also a magical teapot that plays fun learning songs and lights up in six rainbow colors and encourages kids to name colors and play numbering games. Aimed at children aged 1-3 years of age, parents reported that the tea party set helped develop their daughters’ communication and social skills while they enjoying the 50 + songs, phrases and tea party sounds included within the set.

Importantly, the set comes with volume control and the option to switch off the interactive components so the little one can play quietly.

The image displayed is of the Rainbow Tea Party set which includes an interactive pink teapot, two teacups and six pieces of brightly colored cake.


3. CifToys’ Musical Dancing Duck

Looking for a fun, interactive educational toy that will capture your child’s attention?

Look no further than this musical dancing duck. With it colorful led lights and bright yellow appearance he’ll bring your little one hours of entertainment as his wings light up and flap in time to the songs. Toddlers will love to dance and chase the duck around the room while parents can rest easy knowing that the sturdy Duck has been safety tested and is made of APS plastic.

The image depicted is of the CifToys Musical Duck Toy which is bright yellow and has Led lit wings.


4. ConoMus Piano Keyboard Toy

Ideal for budding music lovers. This versatile pink piano toy will become a firm favourite with little girls as they experience the different sounds which instruments produce when they push the buttons to play the 22 demo songs tuned into the toy. While parents should be careful with the attached cord, the height adjustable microphone and the recording function will ensure that your little girl will continue to play with this toy for many years to come.

The image depicted is of the ConoMus pink piano keyboard toy and its accompanying microphone.


5. Le Papillon Pink Princess Tent Kids Ball Pit

Every modern day princess should have a Princess Tent Kids Ball. The easily assembled pink polyester nylon fabric tent is easy to transport and safe and reliable for kids both indoors and outdoors. The roof and mesh windows can be easily removed and strapped while the tent comes complete with a convenient carry case for storage. Sturdy enough for two children to play in it, toddlers will be able to play freely in a safe and suitable environment.

Ocean balls are not supplied and should be purchased separately.

The image depicted is of the Le Papillion Pink Princess Tent Kids Ball Pit.


6. Wooden Animal Jigsaw

A timeless classic. 4 beautiful wooden animal jigsaws illustrating a bee, butterfly, bear and ladybug. Made of high-quality environmental wood and non toxic water based paint, these colorful jigsaws will attract and sustain the attention of kids for hours. A very functional present, perfect for playing with others and the pieces are specifically designed to be handled by little handles. Presented in a cute drawstring gift bag package.

The image depicts the four wooden animal jigsaw puzzles designed by Skyfield for toddlers. The jigsaw puzzles depict the following animals: a bear, a butterfly, a bumblebee and a ladybug.


7. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag, (80 pieces)

Keen to encourage your budding Engineer? Then this is the ideal gift. These award-winning first Builders blocks have been specially designed for little hands and offer your little girl endless opportunities for creative play. This pink environmentally-friendly bag comes filled with 80 building blocks in pink colors and with attachable wheelbase which can bring imaginary cars to life. Look forward to your little girl spending the next few years constructing castles, funny animals and magic kingdoms from these fun blocks.

The image depicts the Mega Bloks stored in the large pink building bag which they are sold with.


8. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Make way! Once your little girl gets her hands on this walker, she will be on the move. Designed to take your little one from sitting to standing, this interactive walker is a great gift for any young toddler. Starting with the detachable activity panel, kids will discover animals, colors and much more as they navigate the spinning gears, piano skills and light up buttons. Then when she’s ready for the next step, attach the panel to the walker and let the fun continue. Comes in a range of colours.

The image depicts the pink VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker


9. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Grow ‘n Learn Garden Caddy

Ideal for those little green fingers. This garden caddy will encourage kids to learn about gardening by engaging with this interactive learning toy. With three different Smart Stage technology levels, parents can decide which stage is best for their child. Entertained and stimulated by the developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds (unique to each level), kids will happily practise refining their motor skills and hand-eye coordination by sorting the plant shapes into the caddy.

The caddy is a popular gift with parents too owing to the convenient size and ease of transporting and storing the caddy.

The image depicted is of the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Grow 'n Learn Garden Caddy set. Which comes complete with watering cartoon and flower pots


10. Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy

Who could fail to fall in love with Flappy the Elephant? Since 1898 GUND have been producing innovative quality plush toys beloved by children across the world. Flappy is no different – with his adorable singing and animation. He comes with two different play modes which can be activated by pressing either his left or right foot. The left foot leads to a fun game of peek-a-boo, which will see Flappy ‘hide’ behind his own ears; while pressing the right foot will result in hearing the song “Do Your Ears Hang Low”, perfect for a bedtime sing-a-long.

Appropriate for kids of all ages and surface washable, Flappy comes complete with three “AA” batteries so the fun can begin immediately.

The image depicted is of the animated plushie Flappy the Elephant.


11. HAKOL Jungle Friends Talking Plushie Set

Welcome your little girl to the Jungle with this five cute and cuddly jungle animal plushies. These five adorable plushies (Elephant, Lion, Monkey, Tiger and Zebra) come complete with their “Jungle Home” a stuffed toy carrier, ideal for travelling. With realistic animal sounds that can be activated when the plushies are squeezed, this gift will be a firm favourite with any 1 year old girl.

This image depicts the five jungle plushie toys, which consist of an elephant, a lion, a monkey, a tiger and a zebra. Their soft toy container is also depicted.


12. DANMY Girls Grosgrain Ribbon Hair Bows Alligator Clips

Cute, colourful and comfortable DANMY Grosgrain Ribbon Hair Bows are a great gift for baby girls and toddlers. These handmaid 3 inch bow hair clips are of the highest quality and come with 40cm alligator clips. Each set contains 40 different colors, ideal for any clothing choice. Parents reported that they were easy to use, comfortable and the clip kept the ribbon from slipping off no matter how busy their little girls got!

The image depicts all of the color hues which the Grosgrain Ribbon Hair Bows will come in.


13. Little Tikes Rocking Horse

A contemporary take on a traditional favourite. Little Trikes have created a fun and innovative version of the rocking horse. With its bright Magenta appearance, smooth edges, easy to grip handles and low saddle (designed especially for toddlers) this rocking horse would be the perfect choice for any young child.

The image depicted is the Little Tikes Rocking Horse in Magenta.


14. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

Enjoy Story-time with this fun and engaging book. Visually stimulating with bright pages and colourful musical buttons, the book can be read in two different modes (music mode or learning mode), depending on preference. Kids from 6 – 36 months will enjoy developing their motor skills while exploring the easy-to-turn book.

Parents appreciate the inclusion of the 2 AAA batteries required within the product and the sturdiness of the toy to endure rough play. The book is BPA approved and comes in a pink color.

The image depicted is of the VTech Musical Rhymes Book.


15. Playskool Explore N’ Grow Busy Ball Popper

A great toy for occupying kids either at home or on the move. The Playskool Explore ‘N Grow Busy Ball Popper will entertain your little girl as she watches the 5 colorful balls pop, drop and roll down the ramp accompanied by 8 lively songs. Your little one will practice using her motor skills and eye tracking as she learn how to press the funny face button to start the activities. A simple, safe and fun toy for your special one.

The image depicted is of the brightly colored Playskool Explore N'Grow Busy Ball Popper.


Why did We Pick & Choose These Toys for 1 year old girls

Toddlers learn best through play. In choosing our list of best toys for 1 year old girls we were careful to focus on toys that would encourage and promote their explorations. The most popular toys on the market offer your child the opportunity to learn and develop new skills in a safe, engaging and fun way.

Top Tips when choosing toys are:

  • Toys that encourage your child to be active. At 1 year old, she is crawling and keen to be on the move. Look for toys that help grow their physical strength and confidence in their own physical abilities in a safe manner. (Eg: Pre Balance bikes)
  • Toys that allow for cross-generational play. What could be more fun than enjoying playtime with your little girl? (Eg: Tea Party Sets)
  • Toys that can be used in a variety of ways. Choosing “open-ended” toys means that your 1 year old will have a limitless fun and can play different games with the toy. (Eg: Princess Tents)
  • Toys that encourage exploration. Whether physical or mental, it is great to introduce toddlers to toys that they have to figure out and use their logical skills. (Egs: Musical Dancing Duck and Piano Keyboard Toy)


What are the most Popular toys for girls Aged 1 Years old

It can be difficult to know what to buy a 1 year old, and even harder to please her parents! Top choices for toys aimed at girls are anything sturdy, colourful and which can be used to help develop her physical and mental skills. Popular toys such as musical toys, cuddly animals or practical gifts like a first crockery set (complete with bowl, plate, cup and cutlery) will be welcomed by both the little angel and her parents. Personalised presents are also an excellent choice. Inscribe the girl’s name on anything from bathrobes to toys and watch her fall in love with her unique and special present.


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