Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

12- year olds are just about to get started with teenage life. While this is fun, it may be hard to pinpoint what they love most given that they have just begun to take different traits. However, there are several awesome items that you can give the boy as a gift that will awe him no matter what he loves most. The choice of the gifts depends on the recipient and many other factors as explained below. Here are some of the best gift choices that they can buy for a 12 year old boy.

Things to Consider When Buying Toys For 12 Year Old Boys

When choosing a gift, think about the preferences of the young boy. For example, if he loves Starwars, you can get him a Starwars branded toy or video game. You should also check gifts that would enhance his aspirations, creativity and maybe, his future career. For example, there are several educational video games and awesome drone for would-be photographers. Consider the complexity and working of the toy especially if it is electronic. Give thought to the hazards that may come with it also. Finally, check your wallet and determine how much you are willing to spend on the toy. This will help further single out more toys from the list you filtered earlier.

5 Top Gifts & Toys for Boys Aged 12 Years Old

Building Kit for a Robotic Arm

Any boy would be fascinated by the ability to create and run a robotic arm right from his bedroom. This robotic arm is made of hydraulic systems and, therefore, requires no batteries or electricity, which can pose risks to the young boy. All that is required is some water in the hydraulic units. The package comes with various parts and instructions on how to set up the robotic arm. Then, the boy can use hydraulic pulleys to control the robot arm. This arm uses a suction apparatus and a gripper to work. It can lift objects and even vacuum his working place.

Operations are done by six axles, allowing the arm to rotate, open grip, extend the arm, rotate at the base and the shoulder joint. All instructions are in English and very easy to understand. Your boy can disassemble and reassemble the robot several times, which makes it fun to use. This toy is a perfect gift to learn basic science and mathematics principles especially for children with interest in mechanical science disciplines.

this is an image of a toy Building Kit for a Robotic Arm


Spikeball Set

A spikeball set allows your teenage boy to play the game with you, his other sibling and children from the neighbourhood in your yard. The set can also be used for gaming. The game is pretty easy to learn and perfect. This set comes with a bouncing net, three spike ball, a rule book and a drawstring book. All materials are made from high quality plastic, and the net is hard wearing. The spikeball set can be an additional play material to the boy’s set of ball and other outdoor game kits and provides a great opportunity for the whole family to play together.

The set can be carried off to a picnic site and other locations where your boy may be having some fun. This rule book is easy to learn and understand even if the boy is new to the game. The ball may get soft with use, but you can always pump them up to the required hardness. Besides, the outer material is tough and does not get punched easily in normal playing conditions. Most semi-pro players love balls that are a little soft for they are easy to handle, but you can also try playing with fully inflated balls.

this is an image of a Spikeball Game Set


Nintendo Switch with a Joystick of Neon Red and Blue

If the boy loves video gaming, you can buy him a Nintendo Switch game console that allows him to play some of the most entertaining games of the year, including Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 4 Player Bundle and Mario Kart 8, among many more. It has a total space of 128GB that you can use to add in more jobs. Unlike gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch gives your boy a chance to either play on a big screen or on the go thanks to its handheld screen. He can share the gaming equipment with a friend since the joystick can be detached into joy-con and two players play with each half in a multiplayer game. The joy-con has a good grip and comes with straps to allow him to use the motion controls with ease.

Your boy can also play the games against other online players as the set comes with a 12-month online package. He also can even link to eight other consoles to play online or locally. In addition, it has features to allow you to set parental controls so that you are able to monitor what the teen is doing online with the console.

this is an image of a Nintendo Switch with a Joystick of Neon Red and Blue


Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750

Snap circuit extreme is a collection of over 80 parts that allow your child to create lots of working toys and improve his creative skills. Some of the major parts in the set include a photoresistor, variable capacitor, power amplifier, full-colour manuals, solar cell, analogue meter and a computer interface, among other parts. With these parts, you can build over 750 different experiments. Your boy will just be assembling and disassembling the parts when it is time for a new project. The package even has a seal of approval from the National Parenting Centre and has won several awards in the process.

There are several playing ideas for these items. The computer interface also lets the teen work out his ideas online and gives life to his ingenuity. There are no tools required for the assembly, and the parts are perfectly safe for any child over the age of eight. You can also replace most of the parts in the kit if they get lost or broken. This is a perfect gift for teens who love trying practical engineering ideas and kids who love to work with their hands.

this is an image Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 set


MPOW H7 Bluetooth Headphones

This set of wireless over-ear headphones have a total play time of 18 hours in the wireless mode and unlimited play in the wired mode. They are ergonomically designed and come with soft earmuffs to enhance comfort even with several hours of play. The slider is made of stainless steel, and the headphone has a larger ear cup for perfect fit onto your ears.

The headset also has an earphone that can be used with any wireless communication device, including the phone. There are three buttons for switching among music, audio books and FM. Once connected to a phone, your boy can receive calls on the go without touching the phone. It can also work with a Bluetooth-enabled PC or laptop. If he prefers to connect to a TV set, he requires a Bluetooth transmitter for the TV. This is a perfect gift for music lovers or video gaming teens for it gives them quality music without disturbing anyone else at home. The set is highly durable and lightweight.

this is an image of a MPOW H7 Bluetooth Headphones


Best Overall Gift

Among the five suggested gifts above, the best is the Snap Circuits Extreme builder kit. The kit has two sides; the fun side and the creative bit. It improves your boy’s creativity while at the same time keeps him concentrated all through. The high number of projects he can create also ensures that he will not get bored anytime soon.