50 Best Power Wheels for 2 Year Olds

Are you here because you’re looking for the best power wheels out there for 2 year olds? We’ve got a mega list of awesome options, all of which we’ve carefully reviewed bearing price and personalities in mind! Whether you’re looking for a Mercedes replica or a pretty pink set of wheels for your little girl, we have lots of choices in this guide for you.

In our set of reviews, you will find the latest and best power wheels for children, as well as considerations and tips which will assist in choosing which one is right for your toddler. All the products we have selected have excellent ratings and are completely safe for kids to use.

Power wheels provide so much fun for children and can be great for developing important skills too. We’ll cover how your child will benefit from this type of toy while equipping you with the confidence to choose the right one for your 2 year old.

This is an image of kids power wheels tough talking jeep in red and black colors



50 Best Power Wheels for 2 Year Olds

Let’s take a look at 50 of the best wheel ride ons toys for kids. You’ll find a variety of styles to suit either boys or girls in this list, so you can pick right for a child’s personality type. All of the products in this list have received excellent reviews and have great safety features so that your child can cruise confidently!


1. Kids Bluetooth Explorer Ride On Car 

We love this cool two Seater Ride-On Truck for toddlers between the ages of 2-6 years. Whether your 2 year old child wants to drive solo or has a passenger, this spacious truck is great fun. It comes with a removable large capacity 12V battery which features overload protection. The car’s two powerful motors allow it to reach a good speed level that is safe at 2-5 Mph. Parents can use the fully functional long-range remote control which features a STOP command. This truck also has realistic working LED headlights, light bars, tail lights, dashboard lights and gauges too. Kids can lift the hood to take a look and play their favorite tunes through the integrated MP3 player using Bluetooth as they cruise along.

This is an image of kids truck battery powered led wheels in white color


2. Hot Wheels Ride On

Wow! We think that this super cool Hot Wheels ride on is fantastic for toddlers with style! If you’re looking for a realistic-looking set of wheels, this ATV designed toy is perfect. With a twist-style grip, toddlers can get adventurous as they throttle the vehicle’s revs to reach speeds of up to 5mph. Chrome features and decals make this set of wheels awesome, we love the design and are sure that your 2 year old child will too. Kids can drive on hard surfaces, wet grass and through rough terrain thanks to this toy’s power.


This is an image of kids power wheels hot kawazaki quad in red and black colors


3. Mercedes Benz Roadster 

Are you looking for realistic power wheels for 2 year olds? If so, this sleek licensed Mercedez vehicle could be your best option. Whether you own a Mercedez yourself and want to gift your child with their very own mini-version, or simply want to treat your child to a special new ride on car, this toy has lots to offer! With multiple features on the dashboard, kids can choose from preset songs and stories, or connect their own devices to play their favorite tunes. The car features a separate honking horn and even has buttons on its steering wheel to control music. This power-wheels features a 2-speed setting and comes with a remote controller that parents can use. Equipped with a spring suspension system, this toy will give your child a smooth, comfortable and safe ride each time. 


This is an image of kids wheels powered car mercedes benz in white color


4. Sporty Truck Ride On Wheels

Great for exploring, this chunky ride on is sporty and super for outdoor driving. Available in a range of colors from black to red, kids can control the vehicle using the safe and easy to use foot pedal accelerator. Parents have the option to control the vehicle during playtime using the remote controller. The remote-controlled ride on jeep has been crafted stylishly using the durable, non-toxic plastic body, it also features durable 14-inch traction wheels and spring suspension for maximum comfort too! Kids can adjust their seatbelt for safety and switch on the truck’s bright LED lights at night time. 

This is an image of kids power wheels truck in black color


5. Cosmic Overdrive Ride On

This white ride-on is easy to assemble and a perfect Christmas gift for a special little boy or girl. Extremely similar to the real car, the mini version comes with seats featuring seatbelts too! Varying from 3 speeds, reaching up to 5.5 km, this set of awesome wheels can move forward and back. Controllable by remote, it is safe to use for toddlers with a steering wheel that turns easily. To power this car you’ll need two 6V Batteries. What do make of the stylish interior of this awesome car? We’re a huge fan of the blue accents on the car’s wheels and its other realistic details. 

This is an image of kids range rover truck in white color


6. Battery Powered Red Toyota Tundra 

This realistically designed officially-licenses Toyota Tundra ride-on is eye-catching and comes with a built-in horn, LED headlights and even a storage compartment too. 2 year olds can connect their favorite music using the AUX outlet and cruise along to groovy tunes. With both a manual and remote control option, parents can safely allow their little one to drive manually and use the remote control to guide when needed. The remote comes equipped with both forward and backward controls as well as speed selection. Reaching a max speed of 3.1MPH, this ride-on is a fantastic toy for hours of playtime and exciting adventures for a toddler. 

This is an image of kids toyota tandra truck with remote control in red color


7. Bubblegum Pink Two Seater Explorer

Looking for an awesome birthday gift for a little girl aged 2? This explorer ride-on is one of the best toy cars for 2 year olds out there. With an abundance of features, it’s sure to provide the best toddler driving experience. The car can be manually driven or controlled via the RC option. Children can blast their favorite songs as they drive along using the MP3 function. We love the bright pink color of this vehicle and are sure that if your little girl has a preference for this color too, she’ll be blown away by just how awesome this gift is.

This is an image of kids ride on truck with remote control in pink color


8. Mercedes CLA45 Ride On

Sleek, stylish and super cool, this licensed Mercedes CLA45 AMG Single Rider Kids Ride-On is a fantastic gift option for any toddler. Able to support a weight of 66 lb, it’s entirely safe for 2 year olds and can be used right up until the age of 6 years. Reaching speeds of up to 5MPH, the care features a soft start and electric brake system which allows for gradual acceleration as well as reliable braking. The car’s interior has a soft, comfortable PU leather seat which is equipped with a 5 point safety seat belt. 

This is an image of kids mercedes car with remote control in red color


9. Red Ride On

For lovers of the color red, this ride-on is the best option! Perhaps you’ve been searching for the best battery-powered vehicles for toddlers and you’re not sure what to go for. This fantastic ride-on is top quality and features an integrated gear switch as well as LED lights which gives an accurate simulation of driving the real thing. The sports car comes with engine sounds, a horn, seat belts for safety, and two varying speeds (high and low). Children can also play music of their choice using the provided AUX cord or alternatively, jam along to a variety of preset songs for an extra enjoyable ride. Control the speed yourself using the controller included or allow your toddler to drive manually. 

This is an image of kids battery powered remote control car in red color


10. Mini Cooper Power Wheels 

Now you can gift your child their very own iconic set of Mini Cooper wheels. This officially licensed electric ride on car features a stunning leather seat and it comes with a 2.4GHz remote. Allow toddlers to control the car themselves using the steering wheel and pedal or take control using the remote controller. The car comes with a push-button which triggers realistic engine sounds and MP3 connectivity to play tunes. Great for toddlers aged 2, this car can support a weight capacity of 66 lbs and also has functioning front lights for an ultra-realistic experience. 

This is an image of kids mini cooper kids electric ride on car with remote control in black color


11. Mercedez Benz Sports Ride On

This single child ride on wheels is perfect for any cool 2 year old out there. Featuring a super sporty exterior and design, this car comes with LED headlights, taillights and fog lights too. Inside the car, its seat is made using PU leather and for full safety, there is a  stroller seatbelt for use when driving. With advanced security controls, parents can use the 2.4 GHz remote control to guide children as they play. Toddlers will love the integrated real engine sounds and horn that they can use to alert people. Reaching maximum speeds of up to 6MPH, this car can reverse and move forward. Children will also benefit from a built-in MP3 player and realistic opening doors and windows. 

This is an image of kids mercedes benz car in black color


12. Mercedes Costzon Ride On

If you’re looking for a realistic toy car for your 2 year old to drive in, this ultra-cool Mercedes Costzon could be a perfect option. Featuring two modes including 4G parental remote control mode, you can rest assured that your child is safe. Alternatively, the battery-operated mode gives your baby full control of operating the car by using the electric foot pedal and steering wheel. Designed with safe riding in mind, the cars comfortable seat features a safety belt and there is plenty of space for your baby to sit. When charged fully the car can be used for up to 90 minutes and it comes equipped with LED headlights, MP3/USB/TF input, music, a horn, volume controls and a microphone function. This is an image of kids mercedes truck in white color


13. Green Ground Loader 

If you’re looking for something a bit different when it comes to choosing a ride-on for your toddler, this green ground loader certainly stands out. With working front loader scoops it can easily lift, carry and dump directly from the driver’s seat. The vehicle’s realistic high traction wheels can operate on grass, dirt, gravel and pavement too. The loader’s accelerator pedal features automatic brakes for extra safety and it comes with an adjustable seat with flip-up armrests for extra comfort. What do you make of this awesome set of powerwheels?

This is an image of kids john deere truck in green color


14. Polaris Camo Ride On

This cool Polaris camo ride on is ideal for any outdoor adventure! With two seats and 2 speeds allowing the vehicle to travel up to 5 mph, it features a large cargo bed with handy tie-down anchors too. The jeep-style vehicle’s super traction wheels are perfect for lots of different types of terrain including grass, dirt, gravel and other hard surfaces. This set of wheel’s adjustable bucket seats are ideal for growing kids and they even feature cup holders for drinks too. If you’re looking for a power jeep for 2 year olds, why not consider this awesome design? 


This is an image of kids camoflage ride on truck for kids


15. Electric Explorer Jeep

Children love to explore and this electric powered 2 x 12V rear-drive explorer jeep comes with a remote steering gearbox making it one of the best wheels options out there! Not only is this vehicle designed to look super awesome it also features a range of accessories including an FM radio/MP3 player and SD card connectivity too. With 3 speeds, it can move forward and reverse reaching up to 4MPH. We love this car’s set of large wheels that come with suspension for an ultra-comfy ride across any terrain and it even comes with rear LED lights, just like the real deal.

This is an image of kids electric powered rie on truck in black color


16. Fire Truck Ride-On

Every child dreams of saving the day and now your toddler can race to save the day in this awesome fire truck ride-on. Perfect for toddlers, it comes in a bold red color and is designed using solid steel for durability. The truck comes with a real wooden ladder to reach heights and put out fires and has chrome accents too. Children can alert nearby people using the horn and enjoy a comfortable ride thanks to a working steering column and durable rubber tires that can be used both indoors and outdoors.


This is an image of kids metal speedster fire truck in red color


17. Green Dune Racing Car

If you’re looking for a dune racer-style car this a perfect option for both toddler boys and girls. The toy’s vibrant colors make it stand out from other designs and its monster traction system allows it to drive on hard surfaces, wet grass, and rough terrain. Reaching speeds of up to 5MPH when going forward and 2.5MPH in reverse, this set of zooming wheels is sure to provide plenty of entertainment all round. With metal sidebars for hand support and a power lock brake system, it’s also super safe for peace of mind. 

This is an image of kids wheels dune racer in gray and green colors


18. Wrangler Fire Decal Jeep

We love this realistic jeep wrangler set of wheels which features unique styling and cool flame graphics too. It comes with a range of features including a tough-talking microphone with a voice-amplifying speaker and lots of fun sound effects for extra entertainment. An awesome set of wheels for a 2 year old boy, this car comes with two seats so a friend can ride along too. It also has accessories such as a pretend radio that comes preloaded with 2 rockin’ tunes and when in power there are lots of real vehicle sounds to add to the experience. The roomy rear storage area is great for keeping toys safe and this super cool jeep can reach up to 5MPH when moving forward and 2.5MPH in reverse.

This is an image of kids power wheels tough talking jeep in red and black colors


19. Mercedes Benz Control Car

There are lots of different types of ride-on cars out there for toddlers and we love this chunky Mercedes Benz controlled car for 2 yr olds. With 12V rear-drive and a remote steering gearbox, this set of stylish wheels can be controlled using the foot pedal and steering wheel or the remote control. It comes with 3 Forward Speeds (2/3/4 MPH) and a  reverse mode too. Perfect for little one’s ages between 2 and 4 years old, we love the large wheels, rear suspension and functioning front LED lights which make this car design quality all round. 

This is an image of mercedes benz with remote control for kids in white color


20. Lil’ Quad Camo Wheels

A ride on with a difference, this camo wheels quad is completely toddler-friendly and features built-in footrests for a safe, comfy ride as well as a push-button for stop and go driving. Reaching speeds of up to 2MPH, this set of wheels can move forward but doesn’t have a reverse option. It’s great if you’re looking for a super safe ride-on to introduce your child to this type of toy. This lil’ quad can be used both indoors and outdoors on terrain such as grass too for extra versatility.

This is an image of kids power wheels camoflage in green color


21. Blue Ford Mustang Ride On

Your toddler can be the coolest kid on the block with this loud and proud Ford Mustang that comes with an amped-up sound system that’s synched to driving. We love the variation of real car sounds and it comes with 3 pre-loaded songs as well as an MP3 jack so that kids can play their own music too. The touch screen display allows parents to conveniently change speeds and control driving. It also will provide alerts on stability, traction control and low battery. The car’s smart drive system provides improved performance, driving and safety features which include: dynamic traction control for better performance on tough terrain. Equipped with advanced stability control, all 4 wheels can be kept on the ground safely as speed is maintained. As a bonus, toddlers can also bring along a friend for a ride with a passenger seat. Awesome! 

This is an image of kids power wheels ford mustang in blue color


22. Hot Pink Ride On Sports Car

Wondering what options there are for 2 year old girls when it comes to this type of toy? We’ve picked out the best options for you! This hot pink sports car is one of them and it comes with 2 speeds allowing drivers to reach up to 4.5KM/H. For maximum safety, this stylish care comes with a seat belt and double lockable door design. To add to its realism, the sports car also has two headlights and two taillights which make the vehicle suitable for nighttime use too. Toddlers can blast their favorite tunes using the MP3 slot and volume adjuster for extra fun when cruising. 

This is an image of kids ride on car in pink color with remote control


23. Lamborghini Ride On

A realistically designed officially licensed Lamborghini Aventador sports car could be the perfect Christmas gift that you’ve been searching for. Featuring super-sleek doors that swing up like a real Lamborghini, a built-in horn, and LED headlights, this set of wheels is sure to make an impact. Toddlers can connect their music easily using a built-in AUX outlet. With both a manual and remote control, parents are able to allow their child to drive manually or instead can use the remote control to safely guide them when necessary. The remote comes with both forward and reverses controls and speed selection for extra safety. 

This is an image of kids ride on lamborghini in black color


24. Highway Patrol Wheels

This ride-on cop car is great for promoting both safety and fun! Little ones can pretend to be a police officer as they ride around in the patrol car. that comes with realistic multi-color LED lights and a siren. It can be driven manually by children or controlled by parents with the provided remote control for full safety. We love the lights that border the top of the windshield, side mirrors and headlights which give kids the feeling of really being on duty! Including a real siren, horn and MP3 player for musical fun, children will benefit from hours of creative play with this awesome duty car. 

This is an image of kids police car ride on in blue and white colors


25. Kiddie Roadster 

What do you think of this kiddie roadster? We love the shiny paint finish on this stylish design that comes with parental remote control for safety, the driving mode can be switched between forward and reverse. The car’s interior features a soft and comfy PU leather seat equipped with an adjustable 5 point safety seat belt. Powered using a 12V battery and with 2 motors for 2 types of speeds, the car is great for exploring outdoor environments as well as indoors. We’re a huge fan of the car’s LED wheels and rubber traction bands. It comes with a soft start and electric brake system for easy driving. 

This is an image of kids gray ride on car with remote control


26. Dora And Friends Wrangler

If your toddler is a fan of Dora The Explorer, why not gift them this amazing set of power-wheels? Realistic jeep styling and stand out graphics set this ride-on car apart from other similar products. Your kid can get up to all sort of explorative adventures alone or with a friend in the passenger seat as they ride along using the foot pedal to drive the vehicle forward. With lots of character phrases, sounds & music, your child will learn as they play! 


27. Uenjoy Maserati Wheels

A perfect powerwheels gift, this awesome Maserati powered rideon is ideal for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 5 years old. It can be operated by gas pedal and steering wheel alternating between 2 different speeds or alternatively by a remote controller which features 3 speeds. With a built-in music function children can connect their favorite music or use the FM radio. Alert people using the horn and real engine sounds! With a super powerful motor that operates two rear wheels, this power car can reach speeds of up to 3.1MPH.This is an image of kids maserati electric kids ride on cars in white color


28. Police SUV Ride

For those that are searching for role-play wheels for toddlers, why not consider this quality police SUV ride? This car reaches speeds of up to 2.5 MPH in both forward/reverse mode. Completely safe for toddlers it features an integrated battery life indicator so you know when to charge! It also comes with handy cup holders, a storage department that opens, a detailed dashboard, 2 opening doors, rubber traction strips, and chrome rims to make this car super realistic. We love the working horn, engine sounds and awesome LED headlights. Kids can use emergency sounds when driving to save the day in this SUV! 

This is an image of kids police suv ride on toy in black color


29. Uenjoy Ferrari 

Every little boy dreams of racing a Ferrari and now they can with the realistic roadster! Licensed by Ferrari, the car comes with an awesome remote controller and 10 DIY stickers for fun decoration. With lockable scissor doors that swing up like a butterfly, the powered car has a chic leather seat just like the real deal. Coming with multiple functions, toddlers can use the AUX cord to play their own music or choose from the preset tunes. Like a real Ferrari car, this toy version has a built-in horn, LED lights. Toddlers can control the vehicle to move forward and backward, turn right and left, brake freely and shift speeds freely too. Parents can take control of using the parental remote control option, featuring a wireless 2.4G controller. The slow start design prevents kids from being shocked by sudden acceleration and deceleration and its plastic, smooth wheels ensure a comfortable ride always. 

This is an image of kids ferrari electric ride on powered wheels in red color


30. Uenjoy Mercedes SUV

This super durable Mercedes SUV is a great option if you’re looking for the best power wheels for 2 year olds. Like the real deal, it comes with lots of space and provides a super comfortable ride. Two modes allow kids to take control using the gas pedal and steering wheel or, parents can alternatively use the remote control to guide toddlers. With a key to start the ignition, the car is super realistic. Its elasticated wheels with spring suspension protect kids safety and, for extra peace of mind, it comes with a  5 points seat belt. For fun, children can play their favorite music and adjust the volume too. We love this cool design that is officially licensed by Mercedes. Made of non-toxic materials, it’s a top-quality option and is sure to provide lots of entertainment. 

This is an image of kids mercedes benz amg electric powered wheels in black colors


31. Kids 6V Ride On Truck

This realistic truck design is in a vibrant red color and comes with a foot pedal accelerator, LED headlights, and a built-in horn making it perfect for toddlers to get their first taste of driving. With both a manual and remote control option, parents can give their toddler freedom when it comes to driving or, alternatively safely guide them. Like lots of the other ride-on cars in this category, this version comes with a built-in AUX outlet which allows kids to plug in media devices to jam to their own music. The rechargeable 6V battery allows for hours of playtime and exciting adventures. With a max speed of 2.5 MPH, this car is completely safe for toddlers aged 2 years. 

This is an image of kids ride on car truck in red and black color


32. Licensed Audi Ride On Wheels

On the hunt for the most stylish ride ons out there for toddlers? This officially licensed Audi TT RS ride-on is ultra-cool in a striking red color. Featuring 3 speed levels (low, normal, and high), a built-in horn, and LED headlights, toddlers can enjoy hours of playtime with this rechargeable car. Music can be easily connected using the AUX outlet that allows kids to plug in media devices and enjoy their favorite songs as they cruise comfortably. Your 2 yr old can take full control using the pedals to drive manually or, you can guide them using the remote control. Reaching a max speed of 3MPH, you won’t have to worry about safety! 

This is an image of kids car audi TT car ride on in red color


33. Suspension 4 Wheeler 

Suspension on this 4 wheeler makes this ride-on suitable for outdoor exploration. Kids won’t have to compromise on comfort thanks to a large-scale plastic construction, 4-wheel suspension, and all-terrain wheels. As well as a solid structure this powered vehicle also comes with working LED headlights, horn sounds, and a storage basket which is great for storing away toys! The high-performance 12V motor features a max speed of 4 MPH and 2-speed options. This toy also comes with a super sound system that features horn noises and an AUX input that allows kids to customize the music. 

This is an image of kids quad power wheels ride on in red color


34. Supersports Two Seater Car

If you’re looking for a sports car for your toddler to drive, this cool design is a great option. A fantastic set of toddler ride-on wheels, the motorized car comes with 2 seats and can be controlled manually or via the 2.4G remote included. Able to reach speeds of up to 5KMH, we’re huge fans of this design version which uses sleek contrasting black and red colors. If these colors don’t quite match what you’re looking for, this design is also available in white, pink and blue too! It also comes with MP3 compatibility so little ones can play their music as they steer and drive.

This is an image of kids elecric supersports car in black color


35. Tobbi Jeep

Suitable for age ranges 2-5 years old, with parental supervision, this awesome jeep is a great first set of wheels for any young child. The green explorer vehicle features a start button, forward and reverse capability and it has an MP3 socket to play tunes while out and about. Great for indoor or outdoor use, the car’s robust wheels provide a comfy ride and it even features working LED lights on the front and rear for nighttime driving. We love this Tobbi Jeeps unique color and the realistic detailing on the vehicle’s body!

This is an image of kids jeep style truck in green color


36. 4 Wheeler Quad

This stylish quad comes in a range of colors, but we love the pink accented version! Whether you’re hoping to buy a new set of wheels for your toddler for an occasion or simply want to introduce them to the toy, this quad could be the perfect option for you. With a tough design and equipped with realistic features to help build your kid’s sense of imagination and adventure, the vehicle drives just like the real thing. Using the pedal accelerator, toddlers can move forward and reverse with ease at a max speed of 3.7 mph.


37. Skyline Sports Car 

If you’re hoping to ‘wow’ your little toddler girl with a super special gift, this skyline sports car is a top choice. Excellent as a birthday or Christmas present, it’s perfect for kids aged 2 to 6 years old, adults can take control of the car using the remote control operation which allows them to power and stops the car whenever they wish. This adventurous design can reach speeds of up to 6MPH moving forward and it comes with an electric brake system allowing gradual acceleration as well as reliable braking. The seat is made from soft leather and features extended leg space, a seat belt for safety and vertically opening doors. Little girls can also drive along to their music of choice using the MP3 system accessory. 

This is an image of girls sport kids car in pink color


38. Chevy Silverado Truck Wheels

A boxy, fun design, this quality kid’s truck reaches speeds of up to 5MPH moving forward and 2.5MPH in reverse. With functional features such as an integrated battery life indicator, opening tailgate, cup holders, clear windshield, detailed dashboard, 2 opening doors and rubber traction strips, make for a realistic, functional and comfortable ride. Other elements of this ride-on include engine noises and a horn, an updated grille as well as working LED headlights which make driving this truck feel hyper-realistic! If your toddler is a fan of the color red, this is the ultimate toy that can be gifted for any occasion.


This is an image of kids chevy silverado truck ride on toy in red color


39. Licensed Audi Sleek Rider

Power wheels don’t get any sleeker than this! An Audi rider featuring two modes allowing parents to control the car or toddlers can take control themselves using the electric foot pedal and steering wheel. When fully charged, the car can be used for up to 80 minutes at a time, providing plenty of playtime fun. Inside the car, there is a comfortable seat with a safety belt for extra safety. Select from 3 different speed settings: high to low, with the car reaching a max of 4Km/h. Multi-functional capabilities make this car extra realistic as it can be controlled via the steering wheel to turn left and right. Accessories include a music function that allows it to connect to MP3, radio and CD. It also benefits from four-wheel suspension and has a horn too.

This is an image of kids ride on car audi A3 powered car in white color


40. Dual Motor Red Power Ride 

Cars for two year olds should tick a few boxes and one of them should be the cool factor! This red dual motor power ride certainly ticks that box and others too. With both RC functions and manual operation, this car is suitable for a variety of ages including toddlers who are 2. The seat is comfortable and features a safety belt that can be worn when the car is moving. It has the capability to move forward, reverse and turn left or right. With a variety of lights including LED headlights and dashboard lights, this car is also super realistic in its design. Parents can operate the vehicle from 50 feet away, ensuring that their little one is safe at all times!

this is an image of kids bmw 4 series in red color


41. BMW Battery Powered Car

An officially licensed BMW product, this blue battery-powered car can be controlled by a two year old via the steering wheel and pedal or alternatively an adult or parent can take full control using the RC. Powered using dual 12V motors with 2 forward speeds plus reverse, the realistic car also features start-up & engine sounds in addition to a handy MP3 to play tunes. Great for children aged between 2-4 Years of age, this car is as impressive as the real deal and comes with functioning front lights, a horn, seat belt and leather seat.

This is an image of kids bmw wheels car with remote control in blue and black color


42. Fire Truck Ride On

Little ones can act on their firefighter dreams aboard this awesome themed car for kids. Featuring a realistic alarm sound, simulated fire extinguisher, water pistol, and helmet, toddlers will enjoy hours of imaginative play with this driving experience. The vehicle can be operated by a parent or child. Toddlers can control their speed using the foot pedal accelerator and steering wheel and both the front and rear wheels are equipped with spring suspension system for a super comfortable ride. Kids can enjoy this toy both indoors and outdoors.


43. Range Rover Style Wheels For Kids

This Range Rover style power wheel for kids is a limited edition design and comes with working doors, shock absorbers and an adjustable seat belt for maximum comfort. The electric pedal can be used to control the car or a parent can decide on the speed and direction using the RC included. With a soft start and 3-speed variation, children won’t be shocked by any instant acceleration or deceleration. The car’s interior features a real leather seat that is soft and it also has an easy-to-use start button as well as light-up headlights for a realistic experience.

This is an image of kids costzon on car in gold color


44. RC Pink Bentley 

An officially licensed Bentley product, this soft pink set of wheels can be controlled by a two yr old via the comfortable steering wheel and pedal or by a parent with the included remote controller. Powered using dual 12V motors with 2 forward speeds plus reverse, the car is highly realistic. It has start-up engine sounds & turn signals for simulated driving experience and super cool accessories such as functioning front lights, a horn, seat belt and floor mat! 

This is an image of kids girl powered car in pink color


45. Truck Ride-On 

Kids can cruise in style with this cool truck ride-on that comes in a range of colors including sleek black. The vehicle’s realistic design features an easy-to-use foot pedal accelerator, LED headlights, and a built-in horn. Toddlers can have their first driving experience in this set of wheels using the manual control or, parents can safely guide them when needed; using the forward and reverse controls, parking function, and speed selection using the RC. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this awesome toy is sure to provide lots of entertainment for a toddler aged 2. 


46. Tractor With Trailer Ride On

For aspiring farmers, this tractor ride on with a trailer is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift. Toddlers aged 2 will love this realistic design that is easy to pedal thanks to an enclosed bicycle chain. It’ll promote physical activity and encourage toddlers to get outdoors during playtime. Toys can be stashed away in the trailer and the tractor’s comfortable, large bucket seat is adjustable. With heavy-duty wheels just like a real tractor, kids can use this toy on most terrains including grass. Your little one will have plenty of fun times with this cute toy. Fulfil your toddler’s farming aspirations by giving them their very own tractor to drive!

This is an image of kids farm tractor and trailer by john deere in green color


47. Battery Powered Ferrari

Out to impress? This battery-powered Ferrari electric ride on car is a perfect choice. Officially licensed, it can be controlled by your toddler via the car’s steering wheel and pedal or b a parent with the included remote controller. Simply use the push-button to start-up the engine which features realistic sounds and take advatage of the MP3 connectivity to play their favorite tunes! We love this head-turning design, are you a fan too?

This is an image of kids ferrari powered wheels in black color


48. Red Battery Powered Mercedes Benz

We’re huge fans of this eye-catching red Mercedes Benz set of wheels for a 2 year old. Benefiting from 2 x 12V rear-drive motors plus a remote steering gearbox, the car is the perfect introduction to this type of toy for toddlers and is great quality too. Featuring a leather seat and FM radio/MP3 Player with SD/USB connectivity, kids can enjoy a comfortable ride along to their favorite music. Parents can take control using the RC included or allow your child full freedom using the foot pedal and steering wheel – perfect for 2-4 years of age.

This is an image of kids mercedes benz powered wheels car in red color


49. Stylish Pink Ride On

For a super stylish ride on option, this lovely pink car is ideal for both boys and girls aged 2 and it comes with a rechargeable 12V Battery which provides plenty of playtime. Reaching speeds of up to 2.5MPH, the car has working front lights and MP3 music control so that kids can upgrade their riding experience. With easy to operate pedals and a steering wheel, toddlers will be able to master driving this car in no time. Parents can also use the RC to entertain their children too. We love the car’s sleek accessories including its cool spoiler and front grille. If you’re looking for a fashionable set of wheels, this toy could be your answer. 


50. Moderno Rover Car For Kids

Great for toddlers ages 2 and above, this fantastic Moderno rover car comes with forward, reverse and parking capabilities. Parents can use the included RC to direct their children and supervise driving. Taking less than 15 minutes to assemble, this is a fantastic gift idea for a special occasion and this toy is sure to bring about hours of entertainment. Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, this rover car has cool wheel trims and working light features making for a realistic experience.

This is an image of electric kids ride on car truck in gray color



Our Top Pick

This is an image of kids mercedes benz amg electric powered wheels in black colors

We’ve taken a look at lots of stylish rides for toddlers in the list above, so now it’s time to present our personal top pick. Coming in at number one for us is this super sleek black Mercedes SUV which provides a comfortable and safe riding experience. With lots of realistic details, kids can navigate themselves around using the foot pedal or a parent can use the controller for guidance. We love this vehicle’s chrome accents and sturdy, chunky tyres which make it great for outdoor driving.


Best Budget Power Wheels

When it comes to buying a gift such as a set of ride on wheels for your two year old, you may have noticed that a lot of them come with a hefty price tag. In our list above we’ve included cheaper options too such as this awesome black truck that comes with a range of accessories so that your child can truly save the day! Fun, sleek and safe this toy is going to provide lots of playtime and won’t break your budget either.


How Long Does A Power Wheels Battery Last?

On average a power wheel’s battery can last anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes once fully charged. Most toys that fall into this category are operated using a fairly powerful 12-volt battery that can be easily recharged. If you’re looking for a quality ride-on in this category, we wouldn’t advise selecting one that has a low battery power as this will affect speed and battery life.


How Fast Do Power Wheels Go?

This type of ride-on toy varies in speeds. Generally speaking, the max speed will range from 5-6MPH whereas some only reach speeds of up to 2.5MPH. Depending on the age of your toddler and their confidence you should select a vehicle toy that is comfortable for them to use. Of course, this type of toy comes with a remote control allowing parents to guide their child’s speed too.


Where To Buy Power Wheels?

You can buy wheels for your toddler online, or from any large toy store. We’d always recommend buying from a legitimate retailer and checking all the details before going ahead with a purchase. Lots of car manufacturers have officially licensed toys for children which are a safe bet when it comes to quality and features. No matter where you choose to buy this type of toy for your child always think of safety first. With some wheels reaching speeds of up to 6MPH, it’s a great idea to choose a model that comes with a safety belt and soft acceleration and deceleration.